daily practice?

Spring is a time of renewal, but today’s quotes remind us that we still need to take time to be quiet so our mind has time to refresh and renew. Last week I talked about meditation and told you that I started meditating. I am happy to tell you that I have only missed 1 day since I started and my blood pressure has come down and I have been in a much better mood. All of this after just one week of meditating. I have not started the second meditation yet like I would like to, maybe next week, I want to make sure I set myself up for success. That is important. When starting something new you need to make it easy for you to succeed and that way you will stick to it. I have many meditations. The one I chose I really like so I have continued with the same one. If I did not enjoy the one I started with I would have kept looking for a meditation until I found one that I liked. The meditation I am doing is called Zen12 and they say you get an hour of meditation in 12 minutes. I like the music, and I like how I feel after that is way I continue using this meditation.

Do you have a daily practice that helps keep you centered?

Can you share it with us please?


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