You need to take time to nurture yourself and when you have confidence you know how important this is to put yourself first. Confident people believe in their value and worth. They feel they are worth the time, money and energy required to nurture and support themselves in their fulfillment and growth.
This could be things like taking a class to learn something new, taking time out to exercise, having quiet time to re-energize and rejuvenate, or pampering themselves with a massage or bubble bath.

People with disabilities really need to take this to heart because it is easy not to feel like nurturing yourself when you are newly disabled. However this is the most important time to nurture and pamper yourself since your body and your psyche have been going through so very much.

Go outside, getting into nature has a rejuvenating affect, even if it may be sitting on your porch. Just go out and breathe some fresh air, more than likely you have been inside for a long time and being outside in the fresh air will not only give you a nice dose of vitamin D, I find it has a freeing affect when I close my eyes.

funny picture lady saying her exercise is doing ditty squat
Find a way to exercise, I know you are saying, but Yvonne I’m disabled. To that I will ask you if you have ever heard of the Para-Olympics? Okay, so I do not expect you to go that far, but moving your body, at least a little bit can help you feel more like yourself. Put on some music and dance around. If you are in a wheelchair dance the best that you can, it’s the idea of getting your blood circulating and endorphins flowing (those are the things that help make you feel good). If you are blind or low vision you might want to check out VisionAware they have many different programs to choose from, I’m sure you will be able to find something that interests you.
When you put yourself first others will start treating you better and you will set a good example. Nurturing yourself should not be a luxury, it should be something you do on a daily basis, even if it is something little like watching your favorite TV show or taking an hour to read quietly, and maybe go outside to read if it is nice. Remember that just because you are disabled does not mean you do not need to take care of yourself, just the opposite.



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