Confidence Means Recap

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What Does it Mean to have C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E?

Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of your body, mind and disability (self-esteem), and belief in your own ability, skills and experience. People who are confident share these important characteristics:


When you have confidence you know you are capable. You know you are good enough, competent, and can handle life’s situations despite any disability.

Admitting you are capable also means knowing that if you cannot handle a situation completely on your own, you can find out where to get the necessary help, information, or skill.

Knowing you are your greatest resource protects you from stress. Believing you are capable means that whatever the task, you will handle it. By believing in yourself, you can face life with complete assurance.


When you have confidence you own your opinions, emotions, feelings, words, and even choice of dessert. You’re you, you want what you want, and you do what you do. No apologies. No explanation. Just because you may be disabled does not mean you need to conform to what other people think you should do or how they think you should be. Own your disability and be proud of it! I feel like when I am out if people look at me weird thats their problem. However if a child looks at me I stop and try to explain what my white cane is and why I use it so they can be informed. After all I think knowledge is power. I also believe we need to teach our children so they can grow up to be caring and hopefully compassionate adults. If we show people we are not a population to be marginalized because we are Confident and if we are not ashamed of our disability, then maybe people will learn from our example.


You need to take time to nurture yourself and when you have confidence you know how important this is to put yourself first. Confident people believe in their value and worth. They feel they are worth the time, money and energy required to nurture and support themselves in their fulfillment and growth.

This could be things like taking a class to learn something new, taking time out to exercise, having quiet time to re-energize and rejuvenate, or pampering themselves with a massage or bubble bath.


Confidence allows you to be fully present in the situation without worrying about your disability. When you have confidence you do not worry about how you look, sound or feel because you are fully present and you are comfortable with yourself. Constantly thinking about what you feel or look like takes you out of the moment. Practice not thinking about the past or the future. Concentrate on what’s in front of you — there’s probably something exciting about it.


Confidence brings with it integrity, you are true to your word. Just because you may now be disabled does not mean you can be any less of an honorable person. When you say you are going to do something you need to do it, especially now or you may earn a title you do not want to have. Many people believe that people with disabilities cannot do things so if you break your word then you are just proving them right.


People with confidence have a physical presence. It shows in their posture, body language, and dress. Along with the above things if you are blind or vision impaired do your best to look at the person, this shows respect and that you are interested in what they are saying. If you look like a confident, capable person, people will treat you accordingly, and eventually you will start to feel it too. This is a good example of the saying fake it until you make it.


Along with becoming disabled will come the need to learn how to endure. People who are newly disabled tend to have low self-confidence which comes from not being sure how to endure the hardships that come with being disabled. Once a person with a disability, or anyone for that matter learns that you are bound to make mistakes and that endurance only helps to make you more confident and stronger, the better off they will be.


Having new experiences when you are newly disabled takes confidence in yourself. A new experience does not have to be completely new to you just new since you have become disabled which will help you build up your confidence. Think of something you enjoyed doing before your disability and set a goal to do that thing again.


There will be times when you become disabled that you will feel the need to be courageous. The funny thing is you may not see it as courageous, but others may, just do the best you can and take any praise gracefully. I think being graceful is the most courageous thing you can do many times.


When you become more confident you will start to become more engaging. You may find yourself engaging with things and people you never thought possible, but with your new found confidence new people may come up to you since you will be projecting confidence and people can since confidence because that is attractive.


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