Confidence Means N – New Experiences

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”
-Christopher McCandless
N – New Experiences

Having new experiences when you are newly disabled takes confidence in yourself. A new experience does not have to be completely new to you just new since you have become disabled which will help you build up your confidence. Think of something you enjoyed doing before your disability and set a goal to do that thing again.

One new experience I had was traveling alone. Now I have travel alone since I was in grade school because of my parents divorce. One parent would put me on a plane and the other would pick me up at the other end. When I had the opportunity to apply for a scholarship that included a trip to a national convention I became very excited.

picture of airplane for my new experience
I won the scholarship and was able to attend the convention. This was an amazing first step to me learning how to travel alone again. I had my sister walk me to the gate when I left and when I landed a flight attended took me to the baggage claim area and connected me with people from the convention. While I was traveling alone, I was never really by myself.

Then another year I was able to win another scholarship. However this time, I decided to take a side trip after the convention was over, this would truly be the first time I was traveling alone since losing my sight. Was I scared? Yes, but I had enough confidence in myself that I could handle any challenge that may come up because I had my skills down and I had traveled when I was sighted. Now if I want to travel I will be more confident because I already did the big first step.

Remember the first time you have a new experience it will be the most difficult. You will probably be nervous about your skills, but dig down and find your confidence. Remember to stand tall, take a deep breath and then proceed. When you have the correct body language like we talked about in Confidence Means D-Demeanor Confidence Means D-Demeanor you will feel better about yourself and your capabilities.

Now, start thinking about all the new experiences you want to have. You might want to check out this podcast Episode #1713 of Eyes on Success is an interview with the first blind climber to climb Mount Everest, so you can see only your dreams limit what you can do. Ask yourself what new experience do I want to have in the next year and how do I get there?


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