Confidence Means I- INTEGRITY

Confidence brings with it integrity, you are true to your word. Just because you may now be disabled does not mean you can be any less of an honorable person. When you say you are going to do something you need to do it, especially now or you may earn a title you do not want to have. Many people believe that people with disabilities cannot do things so if you break your word then you are just proving them right.

People actually remember things that are negative much more often than positive because our brains are wired that way. There are also more negative emotional words than positive (62 percent) than positive words (32 percent) in the English dictionary according to an article in Psychology Today

brain lit up with light rays coming out

Confident people are true to themselves. They honor who they really are and will do things that honor their true selves, despite what others may say or think. When people are true to themselves they feel more comfortable, and that produces confidence.

When you go out as a person with a disability the whole world is watching you. I know you did not ask for it, but you automatically become an ambassador for all people with disabilities. If you make a bad impression and do not act with integrity then people will think that is how all people with disabilities act. As I said earlier in this article we are hard wired to remember the negative, so when you go out put a nice big smile on, or at least don’t be to grumpy.

Have you noticed a theme showing up in this series of articles? Let me give you a hint, when you are good with yourself you are confident and it shows. This is what we will be working on in the group that will be starting in April. I hope this series of articles is starting to get you excited for the group, I know I am getting excited!


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