Confidence Formula eBook

Has all the negativity of today’s world taken a toll on your confidence?

Want a little help with the following:

  • * Setting goals for confidence
  • * Simple Steps to Successful Goal Setting and Achievement
  • * Meaningful vs Sparkling End Points
  • How to Deal with Obstacles to Goals

Yvonne ready to help with your confidenceHi, I’m Yvonne Garris after losing most of my sight in 2004 I had to relearn how to do things differently. As you can imagine my confidence took a big hit. Now I thought everyone was watching me which made me more nervous about my new skills. I had to regain my confidence and this book will help you with your confidence.

How much is more confidence worth to you?

Did you know that people with more confidence:

    • * Your Happiness will increase

    • * You will start to Value yourself more
    • Be More Attractive Both Physically and Mentally

    There are way to many benifits to list. The question you need to answer now is are you worth more confidence?

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