communication is the key

Communication is the key
The answer to all thoughts which flee,
Some try to run and hide away,
It’s much simpler to think and say

If you’re sorry then say you care,
Explain your thoughts and why they’re there,
If you love them then voice your mind;
Communication to be kind,

So many words run round our head,
Spoken wisely they’re put to bed,
So many thoughts bounce mind to heart
Voice them carefully, let them part

Blessed we were with words to say
Blessed to make things feel ok
Blessed to have such precious time
Blessed to voice our wonderous minds

Time seems short in this fast paced life,
Waste no time, we’ve no time for strife
Careful wording could help a lot
To voice those thoughts your mind can’t stop

The clue is on the tin, communication my friends – life could be so much easier with that.

© 2 years ago, Karen L Hamilton



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