We make choices every day. Right now I am struggling with smoking, I’m trying to quit again. This is about the 9th time I’m on Chantix. It works for me while I’m on it, but after I stop taking the Chantix I end up picking up that cigarette again. I want to stop so my health is better and it will save me money. I also just had a cousin die from lung cancer and he was a year or two younger than me. I can be very strong willed, but this is my one very big weakness. Okay, food is my other weakness, but that is for another time. 🙂

I did have a landlord when I first lost my sight who told me they thought blind people should not smoke. So do not be surprised if you are judged by your disability for a choice you make, even if an able bodied person would make the same choice. The disabled population has to work harder to overcome the stereotypes and prejudices that people have. Just be patient and show them that a disabled person is really just a person who happens to be disabled.


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