Breaking News: Uber to have self-driving cars picking up passengers in Pittsburgh 1 Attachment

Here is an interesting article I received in my email that I thought anyone living in Pittsburgh might be interested in. This will be great for people with disabilities! I wish I lived in Pitt! J

Technologies Inc. reportedly will start using self-driving cars to
pick up some passengers in Pittsburgh this month, according to a published

Bloomberg reported Thursday morning that the ride-sharing service, whose
Advanced Technology Center in Lawrenceville has been working on driverless
cars since it opened in early 2015, will be using some of its special
automated Volvo XC90 SUVs in passenger service this month. There would be
a human being still behind the wheel "for the time being," Bloomberg said.

Uber didn’t immediately respond to a request for more information.

If true, it would be the first ride-sharing service to have driverless
cars, and the first time that driverless cars went into wide use for
passenger pickup. The Bloomberg report also said that the rides with the
driverless cars would be free instead of $1.30 per mile that is charged
for a car with a human being. The passengers that get the driverless cars
will be chosen at random.

Tim McNulty, Mayor Bill Peduto’s spokesman, said the city has been "fully
supportive of Uber’s efforts to expand its program and advance

"Mayor Peduto, a regular user of Uber, welcomes these advancements and
looks forward to further collaboration with the company," McNulty said in
a statement.


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