Braille tablet featured at CES 2017

Here’s something I received in my email that I think is pretty cool so I wanted to pass it along.

Taken from:

Accessibility products don’t often get allot of attention at mainstream events like the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But Blitab Technology is grabbing a great deal of attention with their Blitab Tablet

which is a cool product to look at even if you don’t have a visual impairment.

From the developer.

BLITAB® is the World’s first tactile tablet for blind and visually impaired people. BLITAB® is a next curve Braille device for Braille reading and writing that displays one whole page Braille text at once, without any mechanical elements. It is like an e-book which instead of using a screen displays small physical bubbles. For the first time our users can have an overview of a whole document. The new developed technology used in the BLITAB® tablet provides an opportunity for an affordable,100x better solution, disrupting a market that has no innovations in the last 40 years.
We developed a multi-line Braille tablet that delivers real-time content to people with visual impairments. BLITAB® offers completely new user experience for Braille and non-Braille readers via touch navigation, text-to-speech output, and Perkins-style keyboard application. It allows a direct converting of any text file into Braille from USB sticks, Internet and obtaining information via NFC tags. BLITAB® is not just a tablet, it is a platform for all existing and future software applications for blind readers. So, we do not compete, we integrate and collaborate.


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