Believe in yourself

I just had to give you 2 quotes this morning. Maybe since it’s Friday, but I thought they went together.

Basically they are both saying you need to believe in yourself. I know that when you become disabled it is very difficult to believe in yourself. It took me years and I still do not always believe in myself. But the point is that if you do not believe in yourself who do you think will believe in you? Yes, there will be people that believe in you, but they will get tired after awhile if you do not start to believe that you are still a valuable person. So here is what I want you to start to do. Every night before you go to sleep say good night to yourself and tell yourself "I love you". Make sure you use your name because it makes it more powerful. You may not believe it at first, but after you do this exercise for about a month you will start to feel a shift. So let me know if you plan to do this and then how it works for you.


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