be creative

Today we are going to look at taking things for granted. When you become disabled things that you used to take for granted are suddenly difficult to do. I remember when I first lost my sight I had a hard time dialing the phone. Now, I know how this sounds because when I was sighted I barely looked at the numbers when I dialed, but now all of a sudden I couldn’t see them so I had to think about what I was doing. Once I started to relax and get used to my low vision then dialing the phone became easier. Okay, I’m horrible with my iPad’s number pad and dread that part of upgrading to a smart phone. But once you think about things either creatively or you just relax and feel into them they become easier. One example I can give you of my creative thinking is with my measuring cups. I cannot see the size and do not want to put them in a stack to figure out what is what every time I try to make a recipe. So I got a friend to drill small holes in the handle of the even cups. So the 1/4 cup has 1 hole, the 1/2 cup has 2 holes and the 3/4 cup has 3 holes and the 1 cup is big enough that I know what it is. But it makes cooking so much easier.

Now it’s your turn what creative idea have you had to make your life easier?


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