Are you loveable?

Many times when a person becomes disabled they may start to feel unlovable. I know this has happened to me. I started asking myself who is going to want someone that is blind? But after awhile I realized that I was still the person I have always been and if they didn’t like me before then they probably won’t like me now. The big change when I realized that people seem to think in stereotypes.

I don’t fall into that mold so it is up to me to shed the light to people and let them see that people that are blind are just like them. It might not seem fair that you are now the voice of your disability, but people do not run into disabled people often so you need to show them the light when you get a chance. Hopefully we can change the world one person at a time. As our second quote this morning said light burns off the dark. I take that to mean inform people so they know we are more than our disabilities.


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