Are you going Up or Down the Stairs?

Several nights this week I have had dreams about stairs. One dream I could choose from three different sets that also include escalators all of which I felt would take me up. But last night I dreamt about stairs going down. This got me thinking about how our dreams reflect how we feel about our lives. I can understand why I dreamt about going down stairs last night and there was some confusion involved. Because if you read my blog post from yesterday you know my day was very frustrating and I felt like I did not get anything done and there was a lot of confusion involved with the day. So that made perfect sense to work out my feelings of the day.

Now let’s look and see if you are going up or down your stairs.

If you are doing the following you are probably going up your stairs:

  • You are doing things in your life to make you happy.
  • You are working towards your goals.
  • You are meditating daily.
  • You are exercising on a regular basis.
  • You are eating a healthy diet.
  • You are taking time for yourself.
  • You are playing with your pet if you have one.
  • You are taking time with your family.

If you are doing the following you may be going down your stairs:

  • You are complaining all the time.
  • You are feeling frazzled.
  • You are eating a lot of junk food.
  • You are not getting enough rest.
  • Your work is interfering with your personal life. – Okay this one is a little tricky because it may feel like you are working towards your goals, but what are you giving up in the process?

Remember these are just a few ideas for you to think about. Only you know if you are being true to yourself and your dreams will let you know. So remember to pay attention to your dreams, they will let you know if you are going in the right direction. Dreams are not literal so go with how you feel and the general concept of the dream. As I always say keep reaching for the stars!


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