are you a crackpot?

Have you ever been called a crackpot? The word just makes me smile. Last Saturday would have been my stepdad’s birthday and I can remember him using the word crackpot and thinking about it I think he is the only person that I have heard use the word crackpot. I have been told that some of my ideas are cracked. But I believe in what I am doing and granted you do not know all the ideas I have some of them are a little out there. But I want to be like the first quote not needing to worry and I want that for you too, that’s why I want to empower you because I truly believe that disability does not mean you are doomed to a life of being poor and lonely like it has been in the past. Let’s get some crackpot ideas going so we can have rich and happy lives and the freedom to choose.


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