5 Fun Facts About Yvonne

Five Fun Facts About Yvonne

  1. Yvonne loves her dog Lilly. Lilly was rescued from the Humane Society and is a Lab and Sheppard mix.
    Yvonne likes to call Lilly, Lilly Bell which the dog seems to prefer for some reason.
    Lilly’s personality keeps blossoming. She now gives kisses which makes me so happy!

  2. Yvonne loves watching Investigation Discovery and the Food Network. Favorite food shows are Cut
    Throat Kitchen and Chopped. I would really love to know how they come up with some of
    things on Cut Throat Kitchen. I actually learn about and find new foods I never heard of before
    on Chopped. My favorite show on Investigation Discovery is Homicide Hunter other than that I pretty
    much like all the shows!

  3. Even though Yvonne says she doesn’t like reality TV, she is a fanatic about Survivor and Amazing
    Race and Master Chef and Hell’s Kitchen and any other food competition show. I have
    seen every episode of Survivor. When Yvonne still had all her vision, she wanted to be on the Amazing Race.

  4. Yvonne still likes to cook even though she is legally blind. She has come up with a recipe for a
    quesadilla casserole that her niece thinks is the best thing ever!

  5. Yvonne has collected giraffes since she was a little girl. Yvonne has them in every room of
    the house. Yes, even in the bathroom – giraffes tower about on her towels!

giraffe looking at you
Did you know that giraffes like you are unique and no two are alike, each has their own spot pattern.