The 4 C’s of Making Dreams Come True

Everyone has dreams and Walt Disney knew how to tap into those dreams. All you have to do is go to Disneyland and you will see grown adults turn back into children. When you walk through the gates all of a sudden you believe in magic again, and to think Disney started with a grove of orange trees, but he had a vision.

Do you ever wonder how some people can look at something as simple as an orange grove and envision Disneyland? Recently I came across the following quote which I think should be a guide for us. I am going to try to give you my interpretation, just remember to have your own thoughts and views about the quote.

“The secret of making dreams come true can be summarized in four C’s. They are:
Courage, and
Constancy; and
the greatest of these is Confidence.”
-Walt Disney

girl in bed thinking about the 4 C's which are each in a speech bubble

I hope you can feel the power of the quote. Let’s just take a look at each of Walt’s 4 C’s. He starts out with Curiosity. All the magic that happens at the “Magic Kingdom” it is no wonder that curiosity is the first of the C’s. But think about curiosity, you need to be curious to grow, at least in my opinion. Think about when you were young, just about everything fascinated you. How did that box make noise? Were there people in their singing or how did that tomato grow from that little seed? How do planes fly? When you grow up it is different you become more curious about how the world works. Are you the type of person that goes along and notices what is around them or are you the type of person that just goes along and has no clue what is around them? Are you curious about the person that you work with or that sits beside you on the bus? I think you need to be curious if you are going to get anything or go anywhere.

The next C is Confidence and if you have confidence you have a lot. You need confidence to go for your dreams when people tell you that you are crazy. Confidence gives you the power to face your fears and know that even though you may be afraid you can still go on. If you only have the first 2 C’s you can go far. Think about the Wright brothers. They were curious about flight and confident that they could do it if they tried hard enough. But they had to have some of the third C as well.

The Wright brothers had to have a lot of Courage which is our third C. Sometimes you have to have the courage to say that you think something is right when others think it is wrong. Imagine if the Wright brothers listened to everyone telling them they were crazy, we may not be able to fly to Disneyland. Courage comes in more than one form. You can have courage to fly when no one else has and you may get hurt. You can have the courage to stand up to a bully and you can have the courage to speak your mind. Courage is facing your fears and doing that thing anyway, see my article The New F Word. The important thing is that it brings us to our fourth and final C.
Constancy is our last C, and it ties the other 3 C’s together because you need to have Constancy with your actions. You would be boring and not get very far if you were curious only part of the time. Granted you may not always show if you have courage, but when you are needed to be courageous you need to show your courage on a consistent basis. Then there is confidence. Confidence can at times be higher and lower, but you need to have a consistent level.

Walt Disney says that confidence is the most important “C” and I think I would agree because if you do not have confidence you will not do anything with your curiosity, you probably will not have much courage and you will probably not have much Constancy. Being a confident person enables you to reach for your dreams and be able to obtain them.


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