3 Tips to Control the Chaos of Disability

3 Tips to Control the Chaos of Disability

By Yvonne B Garris

Recently I read an article about what to do when your life feels like it’s out of control. When you are becoming disabled that is pretty much the definition of your life, out of control. I thought I would pass along my thoughts and the top three (3) tips for you to help get your life back in your control, at least a little bit.

  • First, help someone else. When you take your mind off your problems they become smaller. Even if you are in the hospital you can do this by talking to someone and offering them your ear. Become friends with your nurses and try to brighten their day. If you are at home find a way to reach out to people and make a goal to brighten at least one person’s day. When you take the attention off of you then you let your body know that you are not allowing the disability to take over. The more you do this the better you will find yourself feeling.
  • Second realize that the God or the universe may have something different in store for you than you had planned. This is very true for me because if I would not have gone blind I would not be here writing this. So, just remember you never know what the future may hold.
  • Third just hang on and enjoy the ride. Now granted disability is generally not a fun ride to take, but I’m sure you can find things that make you smile or even laugh at times. I just got a new office chair and I like rolling around in it, I find it fun and I feel like a little kid. Okay, so maybe that should just be kept between us. But I hope you get my point. I think life can be quite funny if you just take a minute and pay attention.

Feeling like your life is out of control is completely natural when you become newly disabled. What you do and how you handle the chaos is up to you. I hope this little article has helped to give you some food for thought and ways to enjoy this ride we call life.

Yvonne Garris

Fresh Outlook Coach

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