13 Reasons why I enjoy being blind:

From an email list I am on – enjoy 🙂

13 Reasons why I enjoy being blind: This article was in the Blind Californian and was written by Maureen Schulz.

  1. It gives me immediate access to the unusual, and therefore, more appreciation at times of what is beyond ordinary, in myself and each person.

  2. Since I do not drive, I will never have to waste time finding a parking spot, get a ticket, be caught speeding, spend money on maintaining, buying, selling, going into debt over a vehicle, and the price of gasoline will never ever worry me. I never have to say: I am not drinking today, I am driving."

  3. I do not ever have to look at graphics, into mirrors, or at any other visual nonsense.

  4. I could spend hours, days, in conversation, contemplation, or listening to music, and love it, and never ever get tired of or distracted from that.

  5. I know and appreciate the energy behind people’s words, as well as that behind their silence, and I love reading energy in people’s voices and in how they talk.

  6. I am in great company, as justice, faith, love are, all blind.

  7. Blindness is a perfect excuse for anything I do not want to do.

  8. Since I am often seen as either a genius or an idiot, I can sneak off and be myself quietly, below the radar, and not be noticed.

  9. I can escape into my inner self and not care about anything else.

  10. I appreciate that phone and email are great equalizers, no sight required.

  11. I often enjoy the company of other blind, partially sighted people, because I know and appreciate, in detail, the kind of outer and inner work they had to do, to be where they are in life.

  12. Should a truly Totalitarian State ever come, I can use Braille as my medium to say whatever I want to say.

  13. I get to thoroughly enjoy myself when I happen to be in a group of sighted people, and all the lights go out.


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