Fresh Outlook Coach

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come. ”
~ Joseph Campbell

Hi my name is Yvonne Garris and I am the Fresh Outlook Coach.


Back in 2004, I lost most of my sight and while I had people to help me relearn my daily living skills, I did not have anyone to tell me what I was now suppose to do now that I was newly disabled. All I was getting from the people around me were things like: “Oh it’s great you can tie your shoes”, or “It must be so hard”, or … you can fill in your own blank. During that time, I kept thinking I am still me, I just can’t see (very much). I got sent to rehab to learn computers but, no one ever really addressed all the challenges I would now be facing.

 Have you felt like that before too? I hope I am not the only one.
 Have you ever wanted to just yell at the top of your voice, hey I’m still me?
 Do you wonder what you are going to do now?
 Do you wonder is it possible and should I care?

Now over 10 years later, I have discovered I can give back and help others! I want to help you discover what you want to do with your new life so it doesn’t take over 8 years to figure it out like it did me. When you become disabled it is like having the rug pulled out from under you and I understand that, and that is what makes me good at what I do!

I want you to know and remember that you are still a valuable person. More importantly, you are still the person you have always been just a little different. I understand that when you are out in public or even sometimes at home you are treated like a second class citizen and may feel invisible. Trust me, when I first went blind I wanted to get T-shirts made. Here are some of the sayings I wanted to put on them along with the graphics to go along with them:

• I lost my sight not my mind. This one has a head with the brain left blank.
• I lost my sight not my hearing. This one has a cute graphic of a person holding one hand at their ear.
• No, I have not always been blind, I just got lucky. This one has 4 four leaf clovers. I didn’t know I was invisible, I love how this one turned out with a hat, glasses and a mustache, the lettering even looks a little transparent
• I can talk for myself, Thank You. This one has a set of lips.
• I didn’t know I was invisible. I love how this one turned out with a hat, glasses and a mustache. The lettering even looks a little transparent.

The exciting news is you can now order shirts with these designs! Just click on this link:

You can order the one you like the best or get all 5!

5 shirtsFresh Outlook Coach

I feel your frustration! That is why I am here and why I am passionate about working with newly disabled people!
Some things you will learn when we work together are:

• Why mobility is important
• The importance of and how to schedule
• Tips on patience
• Why organization is so important when you are disabled

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Report My Top 10 Tips for the Newly Disabled To Get You Started on Your New Life!

If you want to go deeper into the steps there is an at home course 10 Lessons to Empower the Newly Disabled.

I look forward to getting to know you and remember to sign up for the newsletter and get your FREE report 5 tips for the newly disabled to get organized!

Thanks for reading and remember to keep reaching for the stars!